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 About me

Name: Hillary Winchester Lloyd


Interests: Science, animals, photography (one should hope so), science, attempting to be funny, all things nerdy (Harry Potter, Pokemon, Star Wars, etc.), Disney, racing, and... more science.


Family: A super cool husband, Luther, who often serves as my assistant. Two crazy dogs, Earl Grey the Australian Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog and Colby Jack the Pembroke Welsh Corgi (they have their own instagram if your interested- earlgreyandcolbyjack- ok shameless plug over). 


Food: Yes Please, all food. 


Music: Literally anything. Except highly repetitive stuff, or stuff with a bad beat or lack luster lyrics... so maybe not literally anything. 

Another fun question: 



So, why are you a photographer? 


   -Fundamentally, I am a photographer because my dad was, he introduced me to a camera, and since then I've loved taking pictures. 


    Photography is more than that though. 


    I love the idea that photos can capture and evoke emotions and character traits and bring you right back to that moment in time.


   Photography is a chance at something new every day, something different. It's an opportunity to help someone else preserve a memory, love their body, love their family, rediscover their happiness and drive, etc.


   More than that, it's a purpose, it's a reason to push myself through all the crappy days and tears and pain. It drives me to be better and to get better. 

Call or Text: (352)-672-5441

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